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New Diagnostics Aid Completion Designs

Joel Parshall, JPT Features Editor, Society of Petroleum Engineers

November 30, 2016


Latest Startups Aim To Revolutionize Industry With Advanced Technology

The American Oil & Gas Reporter, November 2017

What if operators could map every development well’s completion to determine whether it is performing as expected or should be changed to match varying geology? According to Reveal Energy Services, that now is a technical and economic possibility with a pressure gauge on a monitor well. Using technology licensed from Statoil Technology Invest, the startup applies the recorded pressure response in the monitor well to calculate a fracture map of the newly created fractures in the treatment well.


E&P Innovation Models – Revealing A Case Study of How To Do IT Right, August 11, 2017

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and no one in the oilfield understands necessity better than the operators themselves.

Today, tight oil is at the technological forefront of the oil and gas industry. Exploiting low permeability, heterogeneous rock at $50 oil makes invention and innovation a requisite not a luxury.

In fact, demand for subsurface technology progression has never been greater in the oil industry’s history than it is today. But how? Finding practical ideas that work to solve real-time shale problems at scale is not easy. Fostering the new tech is not easy. And optimizing the tech is not easy either.

In this update, we discuss the pros and cons of four primary innovation models available to today’s oil and gas producers. Focusing in on one model in particular (E&P tech carve-outs), we share the story of Reveal Energy Services as a case study of effective commercialization for new oilfield solutions.