Reveal Energy Services is a Houston-based oil & gas services company working on revolutionizing fracture diagnostics methods through innovative engineering.

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Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation

10,000 stages

We’ve quantified fracture geometry in more than 10,000 stages (across 7 US and 2 Canadian unconventional basins.) A big thank you for including our services in your completions (since our founding in 2016.) By next year, we’re forecasting our IMAGE FracTM service, FracEYESM service, and DSCVRiSM web portal will be deployed on 6% of all US and Canada completed wells.

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Zero to 10,000 monitored stages in 3 years

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Fundamental Research

Statoil (now Equinor) undertakes fundamental research and proof of concept that resulted in developing Image Frac technology. First invention of using poro-elastic response for determining fracture geometry made by Günther Kampfer from their Research and Technology group.

Reveal Energy Services formed

Reveal Energy Services was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Equinor Technology Ventures (formerly known as Statoil Gulf Services) in January 2016.

Reveal Energy Services Receives Growth Capital Investment

Reveal Energy Services, an oilfield start-up, announced today equity funding from Lime Rock Partners. Reveal Energy Services provides cost-effective and efficient solutions for hydraulic fracture mapping and monitoring to validate oil and gas well completions designs.

Reveal Energy Services Commercializes IMAGE Frac 2.0 Pressure-Based Fracture Maps

IMAGE Frac™ technology is a new approach to mapping hydraulic fractures, enabling operators to work with factory mode consistency that increases reservoir contact by confirming whether a stimulation treatment is producing the planned fracture dimensions. The technology—field proven in 1,200 stages in 6 US unconventional basins—is based on precise surface pressure data recorded during hydraulic fracturing.

Reveal Energy Services Delivers First Near Real-Time DiverterSCAN℠ Technology Results

Reveal Energy Services was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Equinor Technology Ventures (formerly known as Statoil Technology Invest) in January 2016. Independent operations started after completing the technology transfer from Equinor to Reveal Energy Services.

Reveal Energy Services Signs First Operator Volume Agreement

Reveal Energy Services announces today the signing of its first operator volume agreement with Arsenal Resources, a pure-play natural gas operator in the Marcellus’ West Virginia Core. Arsenal Resources first applied Reveal Energy Services’ fracture maps on a number of wells in 2017. A greater understanding of the induced fractures enabled the company to validate its completion designs. Following this initial success, the operator decided that having this information on its 2018 wells would be important.

US Patent Office Grants Two Pressure-Based Fracture Map Patents

Reveal Energy Services announces today the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Equinor (previously known as Statoil) two patents that protect the science underlying IMAGE Frac™ technology licensed exclusively to Reveal Energy Services.

U.S. Patent 10,030,497: Method of acquiring information of hydraulic fracture geometry for evaluating and optimizing well spacing for multi-well pad.

U.S. Patent 9,988,900: Method of geometric evaluation of hydraulic fractures by using pressure changes.

Reveal Energy Services Commercializes FracEYE frac hit analysis service

Reveal Energy Services announces today the commercialization of the FracEYESM frac hit analysis service to expand the industry’s knowledge base about this critical issue of parent well-child well communication. The foundation of the FracEYE service is the company’s pressure-based technology. The service categorizes the type and severity of interwell communication by measuring the pressure response from a parent well as hydraulic fracturing proceeds normally in child wells.

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