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A data visualization, analysis, and profit realization platform that enables better completion design decisions, faster.

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ORCHID reduces cost, effort, and resources to empower profitable development decisions 80% faster as the industry’s first commercially available desktop completions interpretation platform purpose-built for integrated diagnostics analysis.
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Feedback from ORCHID Users

“This is the next generation for completions analysis. As we are a limited team, this type of software will come in quite handy.  The depth the software can go really is nearly limitless.”

Completion Engineer
Mid-size Operator

“I was impressed with the speed … it’s about time the industry had a technology like this, all put together, all analysis and data manipulation in the same software.”

Staff Completion Engineer
Multinational Corporation

“The simple things are done so well, especially the ability to bring in and match various channels of data, in time and in space.”

Senior VP
Mid-size operator

“What a powerful tool … I really like that you can seamlessly integrate multiple datasets and compare them in time, while looking at offset wellbores.”

VP of Drilling and Completion
Small Independent Company

“I was very surprised and excited to see Reveal expand into software … the Python interface is great, this will allow us to change to different algorithms and incorporate their proprietary technology.”

Senior Researcher
Multinational Corporation

“We have been working on a similar tool for the last few years, but Orchid seems to cover everything that does, and much more … and faster.  The time sync widget is brilliant.“

Staff Completion Engineer
Multinational Corporation
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A Permian Basin Operator Takes a New Well Data Approach and Saves 15 Days
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A Large Independent Operator Insources Well Data Analysis to Save $400,000 and 3.5 Months
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  • Fuse multiple data formats in one interactive tool
  • Easily spot data errors and make corrections fast
  • Unify complex concepts visually in 2D, 3D, or 4D
  • Load data ten times (10x) faster than traditional methods
  • Collaborate between disciplines to maximize and share learnings
  • Get the most complete and accurate analysis with data fusion
  • Unlock the decision-making power from your data
  • Drive lower cost completion designs and superior well performance
  • Enable more profitable development decisions, faster
Learn how ORCHID delivers superior well performance and production.
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