Development Specific Modeling of Hydraulic Fracture Induced Poromechanical Pressure Responses in Offset Wells

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ARMA 19-508

Coenen, E.W.C., and Spicer, S.A. Reveal Energy Services, Houston, TX, USA

ABSTRACT: A general first principle framework has been presented to calculate pressure transfers between hydraulic fractures in a nearly impermeable reservoir. The methodology is derived from linear poroelasticity and defines the initial and boundary conditions to effectively construct a boundary value problem describing the stress changes in the reservoir surrounding the hydraulic fracture. The pressure transfers are largely governed by the dimensions and relative position of the fractures. The resulting pressure transfer function may be leveraged to estimate hydraulic fracture dimensions and fracture growth rates, based on field pressure observations. Here, the proposed computational framework serves as a Digital Twin to the real-world, subsurface asset. To serve as an accurate digital representation, the simulations need to be development specific and based on the actual subsurface geometries. A model problem demonstrates the applicability for a pad with multiple landing zones.

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