Innovative Pressure Map Offers Insights on Frac Hits

Learn about our standard-setting technology.

Trent Jacobs, JPT Digital Editor
August 7, 2018

In less than 3 years after starting up, Reveal Energy Services’ first-to-market technique for interpreting offset-well pressure data has been used to monitor more than 5,000 fracturing stages.

Its chief deliverable is a pressure-based map of a well’s hydraulic fracture geometry—the length, height, asymmetry, and direction of the manmade hydrocarbon-conduits. These maps help producers understand how effective their completion designs are at stimulating tight-rock reservoirs, but the data used to make them has led Reveal to some deeper insights.

One of them may amount to an assessment of frac hit severity, which would give operators a clearer idea of whether new fractures directly impacted an offset well, or if the interference was due to more benign mechanisms such as a pressure front moving through the rocks.

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