Technology Maps Fracture Complexity

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The American Oil & Gas Reporter

January 2019

HOUSTON–Asinfill drilling increases in unconventional resource plays, some operators believe updating their completion strategiesis necessary to increase estimated ultimate recovery rates at reduced cost per barrel of oil equivalent. The thinking goes that the best practices they have relied on in the past may not necessarily be the ticket to the future as wellspacing decreases to maximize hydrocarbon production.

Alta Mesa Resources was one of the STACK operatorsthinking about this wellproximity paradigm, and decided the time was right to try a new systematic and rigorous approach. So the company set out, originally, to evaluate its completion strategy using two fracture diagnostic techniques: microseismic mapping and a new pressure-based fracture map technology. But something happened along the way of comparing the diagnostic techniques. The operator had to shut down the pumps, which led to significantly greater completion design insight that was documented only by pressure-based fracture maps.

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