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Our award-winning hydraulic fracture pressure-based measurement services and completions interpretation platform increase operational efficiency without risk in near real time by providing the guidance for enhanced completions decisions.

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Pressure-Based Fracture Maps

The simple, accurate, affordable IMAGE Frac pressure-based fracture maps are setting a new standard in the oilfield by enabling operators to make informed decisions that validate a completion design on every well with minimal operational risk and cost.

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Frac Hit Analysis Service

FracEYE service uses our pressure measurements from offset wells combined with treatment data for all stages fracked to understand and quantify the observed pressure variations and set-up warnings to alert for “frac-hits.”

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Completions Interpretation Platform

ORCHID reduces cost, effort, and resources to empower profitable development decisions 80% faster as the industry’s first commercially available desktop completions interpretation platform purpose-built for integrated diagnostics analysis.

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