Our award-winning pressure-based fracture measurements allow you to make informed, better completion decisions with minimum operational risk and cost.

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Pressure-Based Fracture Maps

The simple, accurate, affordable IMAGE Frac pressure-based fracture maps are setting a new standard in the oilfield by enabling operators to make informed decisions that validate a completion design on every well with minimal operational risk and cost.

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Frac Hit Analysis Service

FracEYE service uses our pressure measurements from offset wells combined with treatment data for all stages fracked to understand and quantify the observed pressure variations and set-up warnings to alert for “frac-hits.”

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Cloud-Based Completion Evaluation Engine

The DSCVRi cloud-based completion evaluation engine improves completion performance with stage- and well-level data that you sift, sort, and display. These accessible data let you take a deeper dive into your hydraulic fracturing results so you can identify patterns and correlations quickly, enabling you to update the next stimulation plan confidently.

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Eliminate data
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reduce financial risk

HSE risk

Maintain zipper
fracking efficiencies

Larger and meaningful
data set to leverage
Data Analytics

Faster and better
insights into

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